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In Norse mythology [q.v.], the end of the world, causing the death of the gods.

A movement in 16th century Europe which challenged the Christian Catholic church and the authority of the pope, and led to the split into the Protestant and Catholic churches in western Europe. Forms of Protestantism were adopted in both Britain and Scandinavia.

In Buddhism [q.v.] and Christianity [q.v.], an object associated with Buddha/Jesus and saints and monks. Includes their bodily parts.

In Buddhism [q.v.] and Christianity [q.v.], a container for holding a relic [q.v.].

A series of actions performed repetitively in the same way. This is often used in a religious sense, but rituals can be performed for non-religious reasons.

Letters in related alphabets, known as runic alphabets, used to transcribe Germanic languages, including Old Norse, before Latin [q.v.] became more widely used.