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In a Christian context, an embroidered band of silk worn by clergy.

In Christian tradition, witness to Jesus's [q.v.] resurrection of her brother Lazarus.

The execution or death of an individual for their faith, used in both Buddhism and Christianity.

martyrium (pl. martyria)
A church or shrine built over the tomb of a Christian [q.v.] martyr [q.v.].

In Christianity refers variously to the mother of Jesus [q.v.], often called the Virgin Mary [q.v.], to Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus's followers, or to the mother of James [q.v.]. The latter two are often depicted at Jesus's tomb.

Mauryan empire (322–184 BC)
An empire which, at its greatest extent, ruled much of south Asia.

The birth mother of Siddhartha Gautama (the historical Buddha [q.v.]).

In both Buddhism and Christianity, a place of residence for monks or nuns. In Christianity, if headed by a Prior/Prioress it is referred to as a priory; if headed by an Abbot/Abbess, it is referred to as an Abbey.