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Empress Helena
Empress Helena (c.246– c.330) was the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine I (r.306–337), who converted to Christianity. She is known especially for her supposed discovery of the True Cross [q.v.].

Empress Kōken (孝謙天皇)
Abe (713–770), the daughter of the emperor, she reigned Japan twice, first as Empress Kōken (r. 749–58), the 46th ruler, then as Empress Shōtoku (称徳天皇, r.746–770), as the 48th ruler.  She was a supporter of Buddhism and responsible for commissioning the Million Dharani Stupas [EXH25].

Empress Shōtoku (称徳天皇)
See Empress Kōken.

A decorative technique whereby silica and a fluxing agent coloured by metallic oxide or carbonate are fused to a metal surface by heat.

In Buddhism [q.v.], the state when an individual has paid off their karmic debt and is able to leave the world of suffering and enter nirvāṇa [q.v.].