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When someone is made into a Christian saint.

A container for burning incense, used in both Buddhist and Christian rituals.

change ringing
A method of bell ringing developed in Britain in the 16th century when bells were hung so that they could turn full circle. This gave ringers control of their bell, which allowed sets of bells (rings) to be rung in a continuously changing pattern.

A Sanskrit term meaning umbrella: In Buddhism [q.v.], a structure on top of stupas [q.v.] resembling tiered umbrellas. Thought to symbolize high rank and to honour and shelter the relics [q.v.].

The title given to Jesus of Nazareth [q.v.], the man believed by Christians to be the son of God who established the teachings of Christianity [q.v.].

One of the world's largest religions. It originated in west Asia 2000 years ago and follows the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth [q.v.].

The process of converting a person or group of people to Christianity.

People ordained in Buddhism and Christianity, from monks/nuns to bishops.

Codex (plural 'codices')
The form of a book which has pages bound within a cover.

On manuscripts, a short note, often at the end, made by the scribe and giving information about the copying, sometimes with the date and their name.

Cuthbert (c.634–687) was a Christian [q.v.] monk in northern England who held various posts, becoming Bishop [q.v.] of Lindisfarne in 684.